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New! Driving Academy APK 1.9 (Racing Game)

Driving Academy APK 1.9

Editor's word: Get driver school lessons and learn to drive your car in the new Driving Academy.


New! Tokyo Ride APK 2.4 (Educational Game)

Tokyo Ride APK 2.4

Editor's word: Study Japanese on the Ride.

New! Crayola Create and Play APK 1.4 (Educational Game)

Crayola Create and Play APK 1.4

Editor's word: The colorful kids' subscription.

New! Risky Run APK 1.4 (Arcade Game)

Risky Run APK 1.4

Editor's word: Run, Jump and escape animals, plants and obstacles. Escape from dangers !.

New! PullBalls Physics APK 1.0.4 (Puzzle Game)

PullBalls Physics APK 1.0.4

Editor's word: Draw lines and pull the ball!This is a simple and minimal physics puzzle.

New! Langrisser APK 2.0.0 (Strategy Game)

Langrisser APK 2.0.0

Editor's word: Command your heroes in real-time tactical battles - the legendary SRPG is back.

New! Colorgrid APK 20180114 (Puzzle Game)

Colorgrid APK 20180114

Editor's word: The best time killer game !!.

New! Yahtzee With Buddies APK 5.13.0 (Board Game)

Yahtzee With Buddies APK 5.13.0

Editor's word: Play dice in a fun board game! Discover a new multiplayer dice game with friends.

New! UFO.io APK 2.5.3 (Casual Game)

UFO.io APK 2.5.3

Editor's word: Be the first to eat all the city.

New! Thor Falls in Love APK 1.0 (Role Playing Game)

Thor Falls in Love APK 1.0

Editor's word: Dress up Thor in cool human clothes, so he impresses his high school crush.